Mt. McKinley (7 Summits)-North America

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Mt. McKinley (or Denali) is the highest mountain in North America, with a height of 6,194 m, followed by Mt. Logan. It is found in the American state of Alaska, in Denali National Park. The mountain is named after William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States. In the Indian language athapask is called Denali (translated as "The Great One"). It was escalated for the first time in 1913 by Hudson Stuck.

Period: May-June

Route: We will depart with a small plane from Talkeetna, a village with a lot of alpine history and a great aeronautical activity; we will land on the Kahiltna glacier at an altitude of approximately 1900-2000m; from here we enter Denali National Park and we start shooting the bulls approaching the mountain, drowning one at a time in Motorcycle Hill 3300m, Medical Camp 4100m and Hicamp 5200m. Ascension is an adventurous alpine adventure in which we will be acclimatized, we will gradually move equipment from one camp to another until the final assault to the top.

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