Kilimanjaro(7 Summits)-Africa

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The Kilimanjaro Massif (Kilima Njaro = "White Mountain") is a stratovolcano located in northeastern Tanzania. Uhuru Peak Peak of 5,895 m is the highest peak in Africa, it was first climbed on October 6, 1889 by Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller. In 1987 it was declared a monument of nature under the protection of UNESCO.

Period: January-February

Route: Depending on your preference, the mountain can be climbed on several routes; Marangu (Coca-Cola Rute) is the most used, after which Machame (Whiskey Rute) is a bit more difficult, or other routes such as Barafu or Barancu can be used. The climb is an adventurous alpine adventure in which we will be acclimatized , we will gradually move equipment from one camp into another until the final assault to the top.

Upon request we can also visit Ngoro-Ngoro National Park as well as Zanzibar Island.

For those interested, please contact me to discuss the details of the expedition.

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