Elbrus(7 Summits)-Europe

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Elbrus 5,642 m is the highest mountain in Europe. The mountain is a quenched volcano that has two peaks "East Peak" (5,642 m) and "West Peak" (5,621 m), both covered by glaciers (145 km²), peaks are 1500 m, on the edge of the crater. The first peak escalation was on July 22,1829by a group of British and Russian mountain climbers.

Period: May-September

Route: The ascension is made from Azau 2000m, passing to Barrels, Garabashi 3800m, then we will reach the 4200m elevation where is the Priut 11 refuge. From here, the ascent continues to the Pastuhov Rocks 4800m, then we reach 5200m in the the two peaks are going to get to the top. The climb is pure alpine, we will gradually move equipment from one camp to another until the final assault to the top.

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